11. 07. 04
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Thanks to everyone for an excellent event. Definitely the hottest we have ever had at NWOR. All told we had (47) NWOR members out of (354) entrants (13%). Of those we had (15) trophies winners (32%). The trophy winners were as follows (hopefully I did not miss any!):

ST Jeff Mabrey-1st
STS Andy Pfotenhauer-6th
STSL Hilary Anderson-2nd
STR Andrew Palotta-4th
Johnny Rose-7th
BSP Alex Jones-1st
XP Kevin Lewis-1st
Bryan Rawlins-2nd
EP Chris Raglin-1st
Robert Chrismas-3rd
GP Scott Hearne-2nd
SSM Tim Carrite-4th
FM Paul Magee-1st
F125 Alan Sheidler-3rd
FJA Ben Raglin-2nd

Thanks to all who worked the pre-event positions and especially to those that worked as Chiefs for the entire weekend or in the case of Bill Hull and Lee Franz just worked the entire weekend without running.

Special thanks to the Port Authority and their personnel including maintenance, the police, Dawn Wenk the in-house counsel, and particularly Steve Arnold the Airport Director.

Begin thinking what we can do better for next year whether we have a Tour or Pro.


Special note: Thanks to Bill Hull for working with myself and the Port Authority on the Safety procedures and protocols. Unfortunately, we did have to enact the medical response on Friday, but the good news is that it worked well. The police and Air National Guard EMS responded quickly and professionally. Also, the person involved is doing well and drove himself home on Saturday morning.