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ATTENTION: Autocrossers and spectators wishing to bring minors to SCCA autocross/Solo events.
Due to a change in insurance regulations for the SCCA, the minor waiver policy is changing for the 2017 season.
Minor waivers will now require a signature from BOTH parents for spectating and competing minors.
This is a change from last season where only one parent's signature was required for non competitors.
You may download these forms, in color, and have both signatures notarized ahead of time if you wish.
If you have sole custody of a minor, only one signature is needed, but you will be required to sign an affidavit attesting to such.
This link below will have info as well as a source to download the waivers.
This new policy may also affect wait times at the gate during peak arrival times. We ask that you please be patient as we get a system down to handle the increase in paper work.
Also please remember that Owens still requires a separate waiver form. While you can sign this on site, it would save everyone time if you fill one out ahead of time. The link to the Owens waiver can be found at
Thanks, and we will see everyone in a week!